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Wells Rejoins JohnstonWells as Senior Counselor
Monday, 21 December 2009 19:03

Longtime communications and marketing executive Michele Wells will rejoin JohnstonWells, a leading Denver public relations and marketing firm, as a senior counselor starting in January.

“Michele and I have sustained a friendship and maintained a working relationship these past several years,” said Gwinavere Johnston, who returned to her role as CEO of JohnstonWells following the departure of former CEO GG Johnston.  “We’ve talked about working together again and now is the perfect time. It will be great to have her energy and experience.”

Wells said, “I’m jazzed at the prospect of working with JohnstonWells again.  I know many of the staff members and greatly admire them.”

JohnstonWells Says Goodbye to GG Johnston
Thursday, 03 December 2009 15:09

Goodbyes are seldom easy and JohnstonWells saying goodbye to president and CEO, GG Johnston, is no exception. For 15 years GG has been an integral part of JohnstonWells, and her contributions have been significant and numerous.

“My decision to leave JohnstonWells and venture into the world outside family business is both exciting and sad for me,” says GG Johnston. “For 15 years, I have worked alongside Gwin and the talented team at JW. I am grateful for every minute of time I’ve spent here. I am well-prepared for whatever adventures are coming my way. I’m excited about what’s next for all of us.”

Founder Gwin Johnston has been actively involved in the firm for 38 years and will step back into her former role as president and CEO at the start of the New Year. She is supported by a top-notch team of 10 employees who are committed to a seamless transition.

“I believe that everyone deserves choices and the opportunity to pursue his or her own dreams, and I support GG in pursuing hers,” says Gwin Johnston. “These are challenging times, to be sure. But I’m not daunted because I’ve managed through challenging times before and have always come out stronger. We have a terrific staff and some very exciting projects in the works. We’re looking forward to 2010.”

1321 Celebrates Community Preservation Award
Friday, 30 October 2009 18:55

JohnstonWells’ new home at 1321 15th Street (the former Rocky Mountain Seed Company building), received recognition from Historic Denver, Inc. last week with a Community Preservation Award.

The award presented jointly to JohnstonWells and building owner, Jerry Glick, celebrates the preservation of one of Denver’s historic buildings and its unique architectural heritage.

Mayor John Hickenlooper presented the honor at this year’s Annual Awards Dinner at the Brown Palace Hotel & Spa. Check out the evening’s video.

Take a virtual tour of JohnstonWells’ space, or better yet, drop in for a visit!


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