JohnstonWells celebrates 41 years in business
Thursday, 04 October 2012 21:19

JW bday cake

Gwin Johnston and the team at JohnstonWells are celebrating the firm’s 41st birthday this week.

“The past 41 years have been both challenging, and a lot of fun.” said Gwin Johnston, CEO and Founder of JohnstonWells. “A lot has changed in the public relations industry since 1971. In fact, when I started the firm I used a manual typewriter. That was before faxes, before computers – I’ve seen lots of changes in how we do our business."

Here are a couple of fun facts about JohnstonWells you might not know:

  1. JW was the first woman-owned public relations firm in Colorado.
  2. We wrote Children's Hospital of Denver’s very first public relations plan and created its PR department.
  3. Our mascot is a hedgehog and at one time the firm’s office housed a live hedgehog named Homer.
  4. We worked with the Denver Water Department to create diamonds, circles and squares based on the last two digits of a house number. This was the first and only enforced water conservation program in Colorado.
  5. BAE (remember them?) was a client for three years around the opening of DIA. Gwin recalls being hired by attorneys for BAE and looking at a stack of unreturned media calls that was four inches high.
  6. Back in the day, many discussions in the firm centered around whether to release news exclusively to the Denver Post or the Rocky Mountain News or to release it to both at the same time.
  7. Coors Brewing Company was our largest client for 17 years.