Lerch Bates Hires JohnstonWells
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:29

Burj DubaiLerch Bates, the world’s largest and oldest elevator consulting company has hired JohnstonWells to conduct public relations efforts on its behalf.

The company, headquartered in Denver, has done consulting on elevator construction and operations in many of the world’s tallest buildings.  And, because so many buildings are now shaped differently, Lerch Bates also has created a new specialty – facade access, enabling building owners and managers to clean windows and repair the façade of the building should it be required.

Jeff Marsh, vice president of business development and marketing, said that while the company has never before used the services of a public relations firm, he is convinced that sound public relations will enhance new business development.

“The fact that JohnstonWells is well-connected internationally through its partnership with IPREX is another bonus,” he said.